Welcome to inside.mygov.scot, a space for our team to share updates on progress building www.mygov.scot.

The place for people in Scotland to access public services that are easy to find and simple to use – services so convenient, people choose digital first

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What is mygov.scot?

Mygov.scot is a place where people in Scotland are able to go to access online public services, no matter which organisation or website provides them.

Our approach is to work closely and in partnership with public sector organisations to put user needs at the forefront of service delivery and design. It’s an iterative process, so our content is constantly being added to as we expand our content coverage across all areas.

We’re developing using agile and lean methods, which means we are trying to deliver value early and often – whilst being responsive to user feedback.

Who behind this?

The Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate is responsible for digital strategy for Scotland. We are a programme of work within the directorate and are responsible for delivering mygov.scot, whilst supporting a wider programme of transformation.

We will be working across central government, local government and health to deliver this new public sector service.

Why are you doing it?

We want to help people get access to the information they need, when they need it on the device of their choice. Building mygov.scot provides an opportunity to do this, whilst connecting journeys across services provided by siloed organisations.

Yes, we do want to make savings – according to UK Government studies, the potential cost savings, UK-wide, from digital delivery is estimated to be £1.8 billion a year for central government services alone.

However, that’s only a small part of the story and it’s certainly not the motivation. It’s about putting your needs at the heart of all our work.

What’s going to be available?

As things develop, www.mygov.scot will provide access to both information and transactional services from across Scottish Government.

We need to work closely with our partners to achieve this, so a programme of engagement and transformation will support this.

We won’t be tackling information about Government and how Government works, this will continue to be provided through www.gov.scot.

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